Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen


I had a great Baitcon, but will be needing to retool for next year:

1) Zod, a 30 liter dewar last pumped down in 1992, has finally lost his vacuum, and needs to go to the cryogenics hospital to have the contaminating air removed from under his skin. I'm hoping to avoid shipping it due to the likelyhood of damage, best lead I have so far in the DC area is to check with Robert's Oxygen and see if they service them or know of a local company that does, otherwise I found some companies online that look like they'd be able to do it, but would need to get quotes and figure out transport.

2) my white gas 2 burner stove has finally died. I've already rebuilt the pump and burner assemblies, looks like the generator and venturi are at fault now . .. . aw, frack it, new ones are cheap.

Thank you all who attended, helped out, or otherwise assisted in making it a great Baitcon.
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