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Doug Ayen

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hammer time [Apr. 5th, 2011|09:26 pm]
Doug Ayen
Just spent a good hour and a half in the shop forging out some steel. Took a 2" dia x 3/4" thick disk of W2 and turned it into a ~4" dia x 1/4" thick disk, tapering towards the edges so the math works out. Even with the Little Giant, it's a bit of a workout.

Why go to this effort when I could call up A steel supplier and get 5160, O1, or any of the 10xx series steels laser cut into convenient circles of any thickness and width I like?

I've heard tales of W2 from other knifemakers. I've heard how easily it works, how unforgiving it is of mishandling, how beautiful a hamon it takes, and so on. Mind you, drunken knifemakers tell many a strange and somewhat unbelievable tale, but look at it's formula: 0.85-1.50% Carbon (C), 0.10-0.40% Manganese (Mn), 0.10-0.40% Silicon (Si), 0.15% Chromium (Cr), 0.20% Nickel (Ni), 0.10% Molybdenum (Mo), 0.15% Tungsten (W), 0.15-0.35% Vanadium (V), 0.20% Copper (Cu), 0.025% Phosphorus (P), 0.025% Sulfur (S), and the base metal Iron (Fe).

I need to make a new mandrel for the lathe to true this up and shape; either that or find the one I made a while back. I'm afraid it became a cat toy, and may well be hiding under something.