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Critical decision time - Doug Ayen's Blacksmithing Blog — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doug Ayen

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Critical decision time [Jul. 16th, 2010|09:31 pm]
Doug Ayen
So, I've gone ahead and ordered one of these:

I've decided on 1.5hp, single phase. But there's another critical decision: what color?

Any suggestions?

[User Picture]From: perspicuity
2010-07-17 01:46 am (UTC)
what colors suggest LEVER OF DOOM?


i'd probably go with safety yellow for the lever... possibly with SOLAS tape along the edge, or lettering in black saying LEVEL OF DOOM

the body? well, either whatever doesn't show dirt as much, or ... something else?

go crazy? paint it with duracoat?

probably something like orange though. or RED. LIME?

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[User Picture]From: rmd
2010-07-17 03:15 am (UTC)
the blue and yellow is very cheery.
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[User Picture]From: cz_unit
2010-07-17 06:49 am (UTC)
purple for the unit, hot pink for the levers.

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[User Picture]From: keith_m043
2010-07-17 04:16 pm (UTC)
hmm, looks like a (hot?) rolling mill to me.
paint it to look like hell and add the legend
"Abandon thickness all ye who enter"
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