Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

220v in the workshop

So, yesterday, the electrician I hired showed up and ran 100 amps of 220v to the workshop. This is something I've wanted for some time. Tomorrow he'll be installing plugs and sockets, so this weekend I'll be moving a lot of the big, dangerous equipment out of the garage (finally). This includes the tig and mig welders, the plasma cutter, and the 2 BHGs (Big Honking Grinders), as well as some other stuff currently cluttering up the place. This will also give me a real outlet to plug the power hammer into, instead of having to fire up the generator as I do currently.

If anyone wants to play around on the equipment in the new location, come on by Saturday/Sunday. I should be around.

In other news, my contractor managed to break the refrigerator while moving it around the kitchen. He's volunteered to pay Sears to repair it, at least. The painter should be coming by next week, so I also need to finish cleaning out my office so the walls can be seen :)

Progress. It's a good thing.
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