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Doug Ayen

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Weekend . . . [Mar. 22nd, 2010|01:21 pm]
Doug Ayen
Eric the contractor is taking the week off while we wait for some of the ordered materials to arrive; as it stands, both bathrooms are done except for painting and putting up the final bits (medicine cabinet, mirror, towel rack, etc.) I'm in the process now of removing books from bookcases and general cleaning up so the new flooring, prefinished bamboo, can go in.

Since the weather was so nice, I spent Saturday outside doing yardwork. I've got most of the major divots in the lawn from plowing replaced and filled in, and seed down (and it's raining, so hopefully that will get an early start.) I did some major pruning of the fruit trees; it looks like I may have lost an apple tree to the snow, it's canted over and shows no sign of budding.

My chainsaw died right as I was cutting down the last annoying ash tree around the upper barn. A quick disassembly shows no obvious signs of what's wrong -- the carburetor is sucking gas and air, filters are clean, spark plug is clean and generating a spark, it just won't start up. Given the hourly rates of the local small-engine repair shops, it's probably not worth getting fixed (I see Northern Tool has the same model for sale for $120.) I may poke at it one more time to see if there's something with the clutch or other reasonably-quick fixes, but after that, it's history. Or, at least, scrap to turn into chainsaw damascus, some aluminum castings, and so on.

Saturday night, went to a small concert in Leesburg, hung out with some friends afterwards.

I spent a bit of time in the forge on Sunday, working on a few projects. Looks like the forge needs a new coat of ITC100, so I dug out my old, somewhat dried out container and rehyrated it, then put some Kroil on the screws holding the forge together -- while I have it out of commission, I'd like to reline the bottom with something that will hold up to flux better, maybe the Bubble Alumina Refractory Coating I've got kicking around, or at least some kiln shelving without that annoying bump in the middle the current bottom piece has.

Hmm, the crud on the bottom of the forge is mostly borax mixed with iron slag and dissolved alumina kiln shelving, I wonder if it's still water soluble enough to just soak off.

A good weekend, though, even with sunburnt and scratched up legs, aching muscles, and a dead chainsaw at the end of it.