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The Plumber is in the House - Doug Ayen's Blacksmithing Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doug Ayen

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The Plumber is in the House [Mar. 2nd, 2010|08:52 am]
Doug Ayen
When I got home last night, the main bathroom had been gutted -- the old vanity removed, the old tub gone, the toilet for some reason still in place, and the wall around the toilet stripped to studs and insulation. The jacuzzi tub was sitting in the middle of the living room, which was a bit confusing. I found out why this morning -- the tub requires a special drain, which we didn't pick up, so Eric the Contractor had to go out last night and pick it up. A new water heater was in the basement waiting for installation.

This morning, right at 7am, Eric, his assistant, and the plumber showed up. After showing them which breaker controlled the water heater, and discussing placement of the water softener when that shows up, I went ahead into work, but by the time I get home (assuming all goes well) I should have a working water heater that isn't half-filled with lime. The tub should also go in today, and while I have a plumber on-site, I'm having him fix the borked "freeze-proof" outside faucet that froze up and now leaks inside the house when it's turned on.

In preparation for the upcoming kitchen work, I'm starting to pack up and move out the non-essential cruft from the kitchen.

In other news, I have the final design from Jacob Lefton, who I've commissioned to forge a pot rack for the new kitchen. Looks good. I'll see if I can post it online somewhere.