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Doug Ayen

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slow day [Feb. 3rd, 2003|05:28 pm]
Doug Ayen
After getting the Bader III grinder working again, it stopped working again. Sigh. Took it off to the shop that "fixed" it last time, fortunately they're good guys and said that if it was their work that messed it up they'd fix it for free this time.

Of course, this is the one grinder that has the attachments (3/4" contact wheel) I need to do a sickle, so I'm not able to make a whole lot of progress until this is fixed. Should only take a day or so, though.

In the meanwhile, I used the other belt grinder to so some polishing tests, as I've had some problems in the past with air bubbles in the castings. A quick test polish on this one shows no problems, however -- the new degassing flux, noxious as it is, seems to work. Polishing down to 5 micron grit leaves a nice reflective finish with no visible inclusions or pinholes.

If the grinder is fixed tomorrow, great, I'll go pick it up and should be able to finish off the grinding in the next day or so. If not, well, I may miss my deadline.

We'll see.

--doug ayen