Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

Backhoe is in the house; cleaning; ring

It was a busy weekend. Saturday Anne and I went engagement ring shopping; she couldn't find what she was looking for at the jeweler she wanted to go to, but they has something in a catalog that was similar enough that we're having them ship to the store to eyeball before buying.

After an evening with her relatives, where I got to play a wii for the first time, I got up way too early for a Sunday and moved the backhoe to the property. Since the hydraulics had to be operational to get it on the flatbed, we had to get it started first -- easier said than done. After replacing the sediment cup, changing the battery, fiddling with the choke, spraying half a can of ether down the carb, fiddling with the fuel cut-off, reseating the spark plug cables, we figured out that it was out of gas. I'm guessing with the sediment cup broken, and the fuel cut-off possibly not fully off, it just dripped out since the last time I fired it up, when it had at least a couple of gallons in the tank. One trip to a gas station later, it fired right up and we had no further difficulties.

(If you don't remember the previous post, it's a 1956 Ford 800 with a backhoe and front end loader.)

It still needs a bit of work before it'll be fully operational -- after it arrived at home, I was driving it down to the barn when the throttle linkage must have come loose, and it wouldn't go faster than a slow idle -- to use the hydraulics, you need it running on a fairly fast idle with the PTO engaged. Also, one hydraulic cylinder won't keep pressure when the pump is off, but that's not a major issue, probably just a bad seal, if it doesn't get worse it is not an issue, and if it does there are several hydraulic cylinder repair shops around NoVA.

After that, Anne came over and helped me clean. You can see the floor of my bedroom now. You can see the floor of my closet, even. It's frightening the cats. I even pushed the crufty 20+ year-old window air conditioner out the window, that felt good.

Once I can say the same about the public areas of the house, I plan on resuming the open workshops.

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