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next knife [Mar. 18th, 2008|08:33 pm]
Doug Ayen

I decided to finish off one of the old tantos I've had kicking around with the blade finished forever. The topic of same' (rawhide stingray used for Japanese-style sword handle coverings) application came up on the knife-list, and I remembered years ago I bought a blue (or maybe purple, it was years ago and I am colorblind) stingray skin for just such a purpose. The idea I had was to use one of the more highly figured woods for the handle, possibly some macassar ebony I've got kicking around (black with pale streaks), or some of the cocobola, or some of this curly stuff. . . (hmm, I've got a lot of nice woods around, some of which I no longer remember where I obtained it, or what the heck it is. Pretty, though.) Make a double-convex grip, with the same' wrapped around the middle, maybe a bit of cord or other wrap to hide the edges of the same'.

I think I'll make the sheath out of redwood burl, it's really pretty and the last knife came out beautiful using that wood. expensive, but worth it.

The blade itself (pics will be posted once I get a new battery for the camera, the built-in on the powerbook just doesn't pick up the details) is 12" of blade, maybe 3" of tang, blade is about 1.25" wide from habaki to yokote. habaki is copper, brushed finish. The blade is 1060, hand-forged from 1" x 1/4" stock. The hamon is very clear, quite wavy, about 1/4" - 1/3" from the edge, turned at the point. the patina and finish, though, needs work -- at minimum I'm going to have to do a full cleaning, and may have to completely re-polish the blade. No actual rust, but the original patina I did has darkened rather splotchily, if that's a word, and I've never been happy with this knife's finish.

(later)pics once i find the damn camera.