Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

more forge tuning; steeling the iron; rpg stuff

Well, I've been fooling with the blown burner for the new forge. It's clearly a step up or two in power, and with the right nozzle (still working on optimization of that) is clearly able to get more heat energy into the work than a venturi. The venturi-style burners are, I believe, more efficient, and should be sufficient for most work, but I think I will like having the extra power available for when I need it.

A problem that's happening more and more is that as I'm drawing propane out of the tank faster, the tanks are freezing down faster. I need either a larger tank, or to make up a manifold system for some of the existing 20 pounders.

I made up a new batch of bone charcoal, and steeled up some more iron via the blister method: pack thin wrought iron strips in bone charcoal in a sealed container (I use an iron pipe, one end welded shut, one with a removable pipe cap, with a weep hole left open to keep it from exploding) and heat for a long time. So far, my best outcomes are being left in a wood burning stove for a couple of days, so I'll need the temperature to drop a bit more so I can continue the process, having only let it soak at temperature for about 8 hours over the weekend.

Also, if any are interested in such things, I'm documenting the adventures of my character in an ongoing RPG over at . Nothing serious, blacksmithing-related, or even particularly well written over there, just some character background and an in-character take on the game.

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