Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

Cabin Fever

Picked up some good loot at Cabin Fever up in York, PA ( some carbide tooling, some bits-and-pieces (acid brushes, new jeweler's loupe, odds and ends) and the piece d'resistance, a rotary table for the milling machine.

The rotary table should come in very handy for some of the stuff I want to do, including the next generation of pizza cutters. I thought I had an appropriate collet for the center hole, but it turns out what I have is the wrong taper. I'm thinking this table should take a MT#2, but will have to measure and find the specs to confirm.

This upcoming weekend, Celtic_Anya and I are taking an introductory glass blowing course. I don't really need another hobby, but I figure a bit of broadening experience is always a good thing.

Still having some arm problems, though it does seem to be getting better on average. Will try using the workshop again on Friday, got a couple of projects I'd really like to get moving on again.

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