Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

Injuries, Arisia, upcoming event planning

Well, lost the better part of the last month to a series of colds and injuries. Between defeating whatever virus hit in early December and the neck/back/shoulder injury that is taking it's time healing, I just haven't felt up to doing knifemaking stuff. "seasonal holiday" gifts will be going out once I can lift my right arm without wanting to tear it off.

I will be at Arisia this weekend if anyone wants to chat about blacksmithing/knifemaking or just talk. Might even see if we can set up a "men in kilts" group photo at Arisia -- could be fun. I hope for next year to have a few knives in the Art show, and maybe do a panel or three.

Also, I'm looking for suggestions for knifemaking/blacksmithing events to hold this year. I'm currently planning on doing another tanto workshop, at least one more attempt at smelting, and some open shops for people just interested in hanging out in the shop.

Hope the rest of you had a better holiday season, and a great new year.

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