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Started a new knife last night. I've mentioned before my interest… - Doug Ayen's Blacksmithing Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doug Ayen

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[Oct. 15th, 2002|06:07 pm]
Doug Ayen
Started a new knife last night.

I've mentioned before my interest in developing a superior chef's knife. This is sort of the first working prototype. No forging, just stock removal on some 1/4" x 1.5" L6.

I decided to really engineer this knife, so after drawing the profiles, I got out the micrometers and measured the steel. This supposed 1/4" is actually .229" thick, substantially less than the quarter inch I had thought I was getting. Now I understand why some people insist on precision ground steel for their knives -- you know what you're getting that way.

I marked out the profile and broke in the new plasma cutter. Nice machine, a bit hard to get used to, though, cutting steel with absolutely no resistance. Point, click, drag, and the metal just blows away.

After I cleaned up the cut lines on a 50 grit belt, I marked out the thickness I wanted at a couple of different points along the blade. The blade is 9.5" long, so at the 4.75" point I marked the thickness I wanted -- in this case half the thickness of the base steel. I then marked a thickness of .0625" near the tip, and scribed a centerline along both edges.

I ground to thickness first, then put in the bevel, leaving the last quarter inch near the handle unground, as I plan on doing some hand filing there to shape it.

Rough grinding on the blade is now finished, I still need to do some profile work on the handle, but I haven't decided what exactly I'm doing with that yet. Also, I'm out of medium-grit belts, so I'm going to have to place a new order -- better do that before I leave on vacation so they'll arrive before I need them.

With the heat treat oven almost working, and the other tools, I should be able to really work on my knifemaking without feeling like I'm wasting my time due to not having the right tools. Looking forward to spending more time in the workshop.


[User Picture]From: perspicuity
2002-11-06 10:59 am (UTC)
you have some nice toys now :>

too bad you don't live up in NH... i'd love to take courses
and hammer on metal.
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