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Doug Ayen

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Writeup for KatKnife [Sep. 21st, 2005|03:36 pm]
Doug Ayen
For every knife that leaves my workshop, I try to write up a document to accompany the blade so that the owner knows what's what. Here's the one for the KatKnife:

Katrina Benefit Tanto

This tanto was made for a charity auction to benefit Hurricane Katrina

The steel is 1095, differentially hardened with via the Japanese clay method. There is a visible hamon (the so-called "temper line")along the edge in a style called "Notare," which means a wave or swell.

The handle is black palm, the sheath is camphor wood burl and purpleheart. The habaki (the collar at the base of the blade)is copper, the tsuba (guard) is brass.

Care and Feeding:
The blade is a high carbon steel, which will rust if proper care is not taken. Wipe clean after every use, and keep oiled with a light machine oil, mineral oil, clove oil (if you're a traditionalist) or similar protective coating.

The sheath and handle are natural materials, and while they have been stabilized and finished with polyurethane, they should be kept dry and clean.

This knife should never be put in the dishwasher or exposed to other harsh environments.

Due to the nature of the Japanese heat-treatment, the edge of this tanto is somewhat brittle, so please avoid using it as a prybar.

I hope you enjoy the use of this knife, and appreciate any feedback you may have.

Doug Ayen
Blackanvil Forge