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Death of a blacksmith - Doug Ayen's Blacksmithing Blog — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doug Ayen

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Death of a blacksmith [Jun. 7th, 2005|02:39 am]
Doug Ayen
My hobby is a hazardous one. I've suffered cuts, bruises, burns, and at times thought my life might be at risk.

Nonetheless, I do try to be safe.

'Paw Paw' Wilson left a legacy of many metalworking demonstrations over on Anvilfire.com . He did two after-the-fact demos on safety, one on the dangers of working with wire wheels (or really any power equipment), and one on zinc fumes. Sadly, the second one was the cause of his death, and the demo produced posthumously.


Be careful out there.


[User Picture]From: oh_bother
2005-06-06 11:57 pm (UTC)

Good site

That was good, sad but good. Every metalsmith should read that.
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[User Picture]From: sunspiral
2005-06-07 07:07 am (UTC)
Ouch. I just forwarded it to folzgold, who's beginning to get into forgework.
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