Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

More damascus work

Folded, and folded again, giving me 24 layers. Having to stop after each fold, flatten the billet, cool it down, and grind off the forge scale means this is going to take a while. Traditionally you'd just flux and then wire brush off the scale, but this time I'm taking the extra steps in order to ensure a good weld each time. Last time I had a few inclusions in the welds, so this time I'm doing it a bit more carefully.

With 24 layers, if I double up another 5 times I'll have about the right number of layers. Given the loss of steel due to scale (oxide) and grinding, the 385 layers will actually have a bit less, putting me right in my ideal range. Given the amount of work involved, I hope it works well, I'd hate to put all this effort to waste.

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