Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

Well, back's better, but now my ankle's gone out. Somehow managed to bruise or pull the tendon, though I have no idea how. Just woke up Monday with a bit of soreness, that has over the last two days gotten worse. I'm trying to keep off it, but I can't take time off right now, and the transition to the new company is keeping me on my feet. Oh, and part of the new commute involves a 15 minute walk, or limp in my case. New commute doesn't officially start until Monday, but I have to head over there tomorrow morning first thing, not looking forward to it.

Drilled the shank for the pizza wheel the other night . . . but mis-marked the stock, and drilled it at 90 deg. to where it should have been drilled. Whoops. Fortunately, stock is cheap. Measure twice, cut once, drill in the wrong spot. Not much time lost, but it seems all these projects just drag on forever.

With the 4 hr. per day commute for a while, even once my ankle clears up I'm not sure how much time I'll have for blacksmithing. The new schedule will be 10-6 Sun-Thurs until mid-November, then 1pm - 9pm (or 10pm if I go out for dinner) Sun-Thurs. Add to this 2 hours minimum each way, and it's not looking pretty. Still, others manage, and once the phone equipment at the Herndon location is up and running I may be able to cut an hour off the commute. Until then, though, it's not pretty.

I've been using the chef's knife I wrote about earlier, seeing how well it does. The edge is a bit steep on the bevel, I'll need to fix that, and the L6 steel isn't really great at resisting rust, so I think I'll go ahead with my earlier plan and do some re-grinding to set the bevel at a shallower angle, then salt blue that puppy and get some oil in the pores. That should keep it from rusting quite so fast, and of course a black kitchen knife always looks cool.

If it's still too rust-prone, I guess I'll have to cave in and move to stainless. I have yet to meet a stainless steel that can hold an edge like a good tool steel, but at least it doesn't develop great pits of rust at the drop of a hat. Forging stainless also sucks -- it tends to be red short and fall apart if you overheat it, and if it gets too cool during forging it cracks. I'll see if I can get 1" round bar (ooh, or see if I can find some square bar) in some of the newer "super stainless" alloys, see how they work.

Enough for now. Time to limp back to work.

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