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Site of the day -- anvil supply - Doug Ayen's Blacksmithing Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doug Ayen

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Site of the day -- anvil supply [Oct. 12th, 2004|05:56 pm]
Doug Ayen
[mood |cynicalcynical]

So, you're wondering where to get an anvil. Back when I first started, the only way to find one was to ask around, see who had an old one in a barn, check out old junk (now spelled 'junque') shops, and hope. This will still work, but there's a lot of places to get a good, new anvil from.

Probably the Cadillac of anvils is the Nimba, made in USA. These folk cast three sizes (120, 260, and 450lbs) of Italian-style double-horned anvils in tool steel (8640), do a proper heat treatment (rc 50), and machine them to the final dimensions. http://anvils.nimbaforge.com Their web site has a photo-layout of the manufacturing process, plus a bit of company history. Prices from $750 to $1,850.

A decent place to get an anvil is http://www.forgeananvil.com They import anvils from the Czech Republic, in sizes from 71 lbs to 557 lbs, in both single and double horn styles. Solid castings of maganese steel, heat treated. Prices range from $224 to $1540.

www.oldworldanvils.com Is another importer, importing single and double horn anvils in sizes from 11 lbs on up to 556 lbs. Prices range from $31 for the 11 pounder, on up to $1290 for the heavyweight. Cast steel, but the vendor notes that some anvils will need cleaning up before first use.

If you want a forged steel anvil, Peddinghaus is the only manufacturer left who forges their anvils. They can be bought from http://www.kayneandson.com (I wish they'd bring back the Blu Crusher, the only commercial mini rolling mill I've seen. I wants one, the precious.) Anvils are London pattern, from 45 lbs up to 275lbs, pricing from $300 to $1225. (I've seen these guys at several blacksmithing events, they're friends, and have a kick-ass collection of tongs and hammers as well . . . but that's another post.)

Lastly, we have the supplier to the farrier and blacksmithing trades, http://www.centaurforge.com They have just about everything, including anvils from 11 lbs on up to a 560 lb. single horn london pattern. Manufacturers they carry include Vaughn, Mankel, Peddinghaus, NC Tool, Cliff Carol, and even the Delta Future aluminum-base farrier anvils. A bit more expensive than some of the smaller shops, but they have a wide selection of styles than anyone else. Expect to shell out $2,605.80 for their largest (which qualifies for the $500 off any order of $2,500 promotion currenlty running) on down to $118 for the smallest.


[User Picture]From: tcb
2004-10-13 01:01 am (UTC)
that's too cool.. the net really has gotten almost everywhere..
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