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demo [May. 1st, 2004|12:11 pm]
Doug Ayen
[music |Blues Traveler]

Well, got up yesterday, loaded the truck up with:

Forge (firepot, table, frame)
blower and dryer hose
rags and scrap wood
hammers (french style cross pein, dinging, german straight pein, cross pein, and the "crap hammer" with the mangled face)
anvil (the 140 lb beaten up one, aka "the Apprentice anvil")
stock (3/8" round & 1/2" square CRS, some 1050)
Tongs (3/4" box end and pickup tongs)
fire extinguisher
water bottle
stump for anvil (approx 80 lbs)
poker and rake for forge
40 lb leg vise
hot cut
first aid kit
gloves (work gloves, welding gloves)
dipper for forge
metal quench bucket

I think that's it. Probably left out a couple of things, but they'd be minor.

Anyway, loaded all this up on the truck. Drove to event. Unloaded and set it all up.

The demo went OK, though I think Iwent a bit ambitious. Made most of an axe head -- see previous posts for details of how that goes. I think I held the kids interest for over an hour, which I guess is pretty good. The adults kept hanging around and asking questions, so I kept forging for another hour and a half. After a couple of hours, though, my back was starting to protest, so I didn't finish the axe, though I did get the eye formed, the steel edge welded onto the iron body, and the general shape forged out. All that's really left is forging in the bevel, heat treatment, clean up and mounting. I'll try to knock that out next week, then send it to the school so they can see what the end result of what I was showing them is.

Overall, pretty fun. Next time I think I'll plan three or four smaller, quicker, easier projects so that they get to see the end result in a half hour or so instead of hours.

So, I then broke everything down, loaded up the truck, and drove home. I meant to unload, but spent several hours in the massage chair instead, as my back was really complaining. It's much better today, so I'll unload when I get home. I hope it doesn't rain . . .