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Doug Ayen

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stabilzing results [Mar. 4th, 2004|08:40 am]
Doug Ayen
Did some test cuts last night, it looks like it mostly succeeded.

Clearly the red oak test piece sucked up a lot of stabilizer -- the piece
is significantly heavier than it was, and when cut the odor of aerosolized
acrylic was quite apparent. The maple showed full penetration and was also noticeably heavier.

The bloodwood test piece had some penetration, about a quarter inch, but the center of the 1" x 2" test piece did not seem to have been penetrated. This isn't too surprising, as bloodwood is fairly hard, dense, and oily, but I'll probably try a different vacuum source and also increase soak time for the denser woods.

I still have the lacewood to test, as I didn't get around to that last night.