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Doug Ayen

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polishing [Sep. 4th, 2003|11:27 pm]
Doug Ayen
[mood |busy]

Polised the five tanto blades today, virtually blood-free. I keep rubbing one knuckle against the belt, and even with gloves on I've worn off enough skin to have a small wound.

Otherwise, it went very well. I have to say I rather like these NORAX belts from Norton abrasives, they're even better than 3M's Trizact belts.

Tomorrow, I bring out the hamons. Or not. We'll just have to see.


[User Picture]From: pookfreak
2003-09-30 02:04 pm (UTC)
Hi Babe - don't suppose you know anyone named John Craft who is a swordsmith? A friend of a friend commissioned a sword from him years ago, lost touch, regained touch and lost it again and is trying to track him down and figured you might know. If so can you drop me an email with any contact info you may have?

*hug* love ya,
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