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workshop progress [Aug. 28th, 2003|11:04 pm]
Doug Ayen
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Despite appearances, I've actually been hitting the workshop occasionally since the last update.

A good friend a couple of week ago asked to start a project, a presentoir (think large medieval spatula for server bread, meat, etc.). I decided to do one as well, and so started getting back in the workshop.

the steel used for thse is 1/16" L6, probably overkill for something that will never have an edge, but it's relatively stainless and should take a lot of stress before bending/breaking. I had a few pieces of bandsaw blade about a foot wide, 18" long, and 1/16" thick, so that worked out well for two pieces.

Day one was spent profiling and polishing, and soldering on the bolsters. It went pretty well. day two, last weekend, we started in on the handles.

I spent some time this week working on another knife as well, a long stiletto that should look pretty nice when done. So far I've done the bevels of the blade (actually did those over a year ago, gah I'm lame), then yesterday I turned the handle to have some interesting bits and polished it up a bit. More details on that when it's closer to completion.

Overall, I'm glad to be getting back in the workshop. Between Virginian heat and the new job, it's been too long since I was in there.