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Doug Ayen

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Knife for a friend [May. 13th, 2002|04:33 pm]
Doug Ayen
Well, while stuck on an airplane last night, I designed a knife for a friend. He's a martial artist, one of his catch phrases is "a hand that cuts like a knife" ala the old Ginsu knife commercial. I decided to make him a knife that symbolizes this.

The basic knife shape is sort of like the Indian push knives, but only vaguely. The shape is basically that of a flattened triangle, with a base of 6", and a height of about 2.5". The handle is formed via a cutout, leaving a bar of metal with wood grips along the base, a space for the fingers to go through, and sharp bits along the two short faces of the triangle. The sheath will follow the contours of the sharp bits, a "V" shape, with a velcro tab to retain the blade. The back will have two belt thongs, one on each arm of the sheath, so in use you put it on your belt, and when you need it just grab it and pull. We'll see how well this actually works, but it should be pretty regardless of its functionality.

I'll be using ATS34, as I don't see this as a knife that will get a lot of use and therefore it shouldn't require a lot of care. Still vacilating on the wood, I'm probably going to have to see what the final form is before deciding. Probably something neat looking and dark like cocobolo or bloodwood. Maybe tulipwood or zebrawood, although that makes it a bit hard to conceal.

Edge geometry will be a single sided bevel, 'cause I think it will look cooler. I'll satin finish the steel, and may blue it to reduce glare if I think that looks better once it's forged.

Just a design, I can't wait for my hand to heal so I can start working on these projects.


[User Picture]From: pookfreak
2002-05-13 05:58 pm (UTC)
If I'm visualizing it correctly that sounds like it'll be a very elegant knife hon.
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