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Doug Ayen

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back to work [Jul. 5th, 2003|10:03 pm]
Doug Ayen
[mood |productive]

Well, being employed has it benefits (paychecks come to mind) but it's hard to get any work done in the workshop while dealing with work from, oh, 7:30 am to 6:30 pm or so. (about 40 minutes commute time, 9 hour work day, a few minutes each way for assorted crap.) Still, I've gotten some work in today.

Specifically, I took one of the 5' sections of the new steel, pre-curved it a bit, cut it into 12" lengths for tantos, and started the grinding. I was able to get them all profiled and the initial bevels ground in at 36 grit, and have started cleaning them up with the A100 grit belts. I love these trizact belts -- the A100s can remove the heaviest 36 grit grinding marks and polish up the steel to to point where you can clearly see the outline of a light bulb in just a couple of passes.

In this weather, though, I'm only able to work for about 15 minutes at a time before I start feeling it's time to stop before I hurt myself. With a 4hp grinder moving a 36 grit belt at about 60mph fractions of an inch from my fingers, all it takes is a little slip of concentration, or a little quiver in your muscles and you can say goodbye to some fingerprints for a while -- if you're lucky.

Even working 15 minutes at a time, with a good 15 minutes or more between sessions, I've gone through 2 gallons of water today. It's been about 90 deg F and 90% humidity, though that's dropping now that the sun's down. With the respirator on, it feels hotter, though.

Speaking of the respirator, I was finally able to track down some replacement supplies for mine. It's a Rascal Health HEPA AirMate model 10 -- but I couldn't track down Rascal Health anywhere. Turns out that they were successful enough that 3M bought them up, and now 3m makes the replacement supplies. Some searching found me the best prices, and now I have four replacement hoods and an extra filter on the way. Good thing, too -- while it was being stored, some mice peed on the hood, and it stank unbearably until I washed it, using bleach and washing soda to cut the scent. It's still a bit rank, so when the new hood arrive this one will go into the garbage.

With five tantos in the works, plus a few other projects kicking around, I'm hoping to do almost an assembly line of knives, get some inventory going, and get some stuff online. Hey, I can dream, right?

Since I have to learn XML for the new job, I'll be doing my own design work on the web page, just need a place to serve it up for me.

--doug ayen