Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

shop time

I wasn't sure I'd get any shop time in tonight, was feeling kinda tired after work, but after a light dinner I decided to give it a shot. On the pizza wheel front, I tried using the heat-treat oven again, but quenching in water. Result: the test piece hardened all the way through, even under a quarter inch of refractory on each side. When I did the bend test, it just broke into two large and a couple of small pieces. Since it's clear this will be a hands-on heat treat method for at least the near future, I did the other two test pieces by hand in the gas forge. They're etching now in hot vinegar.

While waiting for the furnace to come up, inspiration struck, and I made a knife. Details and pics later, but I got the grinding and polishing done, and even made the handle, which is getting it's first coat of finish now. I'll mate the two pieces tomorrow, then do the final finishing and see if I can get this done by Saturday.
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