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Doug Ayen

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qualified success [May. 17th, 2003|12:10 am]
Doug Ayen
Well, looks like I'm not making tomorrow's deadline for getting the sword done. During heat treat, blade cracked. No, it broke clean across four inches from the tip. It's salvageable as a shorter blade (about 24" of blade) but not in time for tomorrow's wedding. Sigh.

To judge from the grain structure, it was a great heattreatment -- very fine grain, very even across the blade. Fittings are done, so all I'll have to do is reshape the tip and do the polish and final assembly, but I think the modified profile will not meet my standards, and so will just make a new blade. Just as well, this next one will be much better anyway.

Still, having a blade break like that after so much work is disheartening.