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Putting together the Japanese sword polishing kit - Doug Ayen's Blacksmithing Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doug Ayen

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Putting together the Japanese sword polishing kit [Mar. 18th, 2012|12:13 am]
Doug Ayen
Since I have gathered all the Japanese waterstones and related paraphernalia into one spot for the ongoing polishing of things, I decided to put it all into one case. While I'd love to get a custom build brass-bound oak chest, until I win the lottery, I'm making do with plastic. I bought a nice two-tray poly toolbox, then hit the office supply store and picked up a label maker.

In slots on the lid of the toolbox are two smaller parts containers, which I'm using to hold the fingerstones, nagura, and a few miscellaneous tools. The top tray has the uchigumori stones -- the ones with the finest grit. The lower tray has the medium grits, and the bottom holds the coarse stones, along with separate containers holding nugui, lint-free cloth, and some other polishing tools and supplies.

Everything is labeled, including the contents of the boxes. What I haven't found, yet, is smaller boxes to hold the individual stones -- I thought the pencil boxes currently popular at the office supply stores might be right, but they're about 2 cm too short. What I'm trying to do is keep each stone clean from any coarser grits. That's why the stones are in the stacked hierarchy, this way the coarser grits shouldn't fall on the finer stuff. Putting each stone in its own container will also help, not to mention help keep them ready for use and safer from bangs and knocks. Once I get said boxes, I'd like to get some dense foam and build some padded partitions to help keep them from banging around and getting damaged.

For now, though, it's good to know it's all in one spot and now has an official place for it to be in.