Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

Local hammer-in, Fire and Brimstone, Mariottsville, MD

FYI, there's a local to the DC-area knifemaker's hammer-in, one I've been going to now for about 4 years. The croud is mostly high-end pro makers, and the focus is usually on smelting, pattern welding, mokume gane, blister and sheer steel, and other odd bits of the knifemaker craft.

It's held at the shop of the Baltimore Knife Company, out in a ruralish part of MD.

It's fun, if you're interested in the craft, I'd recommend attending if you're in the area. I'm planning on attending, and may be demoing thermite smelting again (it went over well last year as the only successful smelting attempt) and bringing the cryo setup for freeze treating if I can get my act together.
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