Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

Compliment OTD

A quote from an email exchange, from someone who just found my site: "I have to say, hobbyist stuff is more interesting to me than pro-stuff anyway, but you seem nauseatingly accomplished at this stuff -- probably more so than most knifemakers out there."

Wow. Thanks, and I hope my musings and ramblings are of interest and use to others as well.

In other news, I finished up (this time for sure) with the #1200 stone, I've got a wire edge all around, and an even surface finish. After washing out the stone tub and the catch basin, I started soaking the next stone, Binsui-do, and realized it was 1am, and I'd best go to bed.

Progress, at least. Pics once I finish up with this stone.
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