Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen

automation on the pizza front

I finally got around to trying out the new setup. So long as I don't mind standing, which isn't a bad idea in any case, it works better than I'd hoped. I'm using a wide, shallow pan to catch the water, grit, and spooge, and the mill seems to handle the loads without issue. Using a hand-held stone works well, the stone moves with the slight warps and imperfections of the blade. It also, I'm glad to note, makes short work of clam edge.

No, the problem is that in doing my best base polish ever, I went too deep and removed too much metal, as this current stone (#1200 iirc)is bringing out the hamon, and it's clear I've polished away much of the finer details. The root cause of that, however, goes to the pre-heat-treat final grind, which I left thick in order to prevent edge cracks and warping. It worked, but on this side, at least, the price is a less-than-perfect hamon. I need to, in the future, either grind closer to the final shape before heat treatment, or use a different edge geometry, one that takes off less meat around the hamon.

Still, there's the other side, and this is, after all, the test piece, not the pattern-welded best-of-class coming up next.

Once I finish up the base polish on side B, the rest of the stones should go fairly quickly.

At least I'm finally done with side A.
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