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Doug Ayen

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update on polishing [Jan. 27th, 2012|01:37 pm]
Doug Ayen
Rather than bore you all with regular polishing updates, let me just say the following:

I'm still moving between stones as I work out the last of the irregularities around the edge.

I'm still doing the base polish.

Yes, this means that technically I'm still working on side A.

In doing this by hand, I'm finding that a lot of the little "cheats" I've used in the past to get things done rapidly Just Don't Work, and so it is, indeed, taking a lot longer. OTOH, my finger strength has increased substantially, and about an hour a day seems to be the sustainable limit before fingers and carpels start giving out. Still, it is coming along nicely, and while I still question why I'm doing it this way, I do have to admit it's probably one of the best polishing jobs I've ever done. Assuming, of course, that I actually finish it at some point.