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w2 foundation polish - Doug Ayen's Blacksmithing Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doug Ayen

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w2 foundation polish [Dec. 10th, 2011|11:00 pm]
Doug Ayen
The w2 pizza wheel foundation polish proceeds slowly. I've got the first side done, though there's some bits near the edge that need some work, but I'll take care of that with a finer stone -- I'm getting nervous about over-thinning the edge.

Good news--I found the queer creek stone. It's a bit finer than I remember, but it's nice to have found it nonetheless.

Getting an even scratch pattern from hub to edge is taking quite a bit of work -- I had thought it to be about an hour a side, instead it's taken about 6 for the first side. The second side should go faster as muscle memory and strength build up.

The hamon is becoming visible, albeit faintly. I haven't been able to get a good photo yet, that may take a couple of finer stones. It's closer to the edge than I'd liked, and so far it doesn't look as complex as I'd hoped for, but it's early yet.

I'm thinking I should have removed a fair amount more metal before the heat treatment -- I know that one fault of polishing is polishing too deep, as the visible effects of the hamon go away with depth. Still, it looks like I'm have something interesting at the least.