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Bacon Micarta? - Doug Ayen's Blacksmithing Blog — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doug Ayen

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Bacon Micarta? [Nov. 3rd, 2011|07:31 pm]
Doug Ayen
I can't decide if this is stupid or brilliant. Bacon micarta.

Micarta is layers of material, such as paper, fiberglass, fabrics (denim is popular) or other suitable substrate, laminated with epoxy or other binder. The result, when cured, is durable, waterproof, and hard, even if the original material was squishy or delicate.

Cook the bacon until it looks right, vacuum out the residual moisture (as in put it in a vacuum chamber and hook up a vacuum pump for a few hours, I've got the setup, might as well use it), pressure-saturate with water-clear epoxy, press in a mold and cure. It might smell a bit like bacon and plastic for a while, but once the surface volatiles boil off, the fats should polymerize over time and exposure to the cured epoxy and it's catalyst, and the result should be a very stable block of plasticized bacon.

I think a bacon micarta handle might look really neat as a handle for a chef's knife or pizza wheel. Now, who makes the prettiest looking bacon?

[User Picture]From: blackanvil
2011-11-04 12:22 am (UTC)
Step 1 is complete: Bacon (Smithfield, center cut, thick cut) has been obtained.

Step 2 is underway: cooking said bacon in a low, slow oven (I'm starting at 250F) to maximize the removal of fat and moisture while minimizing any damage to the bacon itself.

Good idea about the pork belly, I'll make due for the experimental stage with this stuff. I may switch to thin-cut depending on how much penetration I get on the bacon and what the final product looks like.
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