Doug Ayen (blackanvil) wrote,
Doug Ayen


This last cold really wiped me out. I ended up taking a couple of days off from work, putting me behind on my current project (and posting this isn't helping me catch up.) and the drugs I'm using so I can breathe are leaving me kinda stupefied. So tired all the time, too. I hope I can get enough sleep tonight to have a more productive day tomorrow. The cold's mostly gone, I'm just dealing with swollen sinuses, lung phlegm, and general malaise at this point.

Anyway, I'm looking for a new propane supplier, the current one originally said that any refill order placed before COB Tuesday would be fulfilled by COB Wednesday. The order I placed two weeks ago? Still unfulfilled, and when I called them on it, they now say that they have up to 3 weeks to fill an order. Umm, no. If you can't deliver in a reasonable amount of time, I'm sure there's someone hungrier who will.

Not that I could do much forge work right now, but it's still frustrating. I picked up a piece of 1075 at Ashokan to practice forging out the blade, and I still need at least 2 more folds on the homemade steel -- from talking with others at Ashokan, the "clay-like" feel I still have is due to excess carbon, which still needs to burn off a bit if it's feeling like this, so I may put a couple more folds in just to get it right.

I've been debating with myself whether to use the wrought iron insert for the soft core, both more authentic and resulting in a tougher blade, but harder to recover from if there's a failure during heat treatment than an all-steel blank. Given the loss of material (I've always known about it, but this is the first time I've been keeping track) I'm thinking I don't have much choice -- if I want a katana length blade, I'm going to have to either make another batch of steel or use a non-visible core to stretch what I have. If it fails . . . . well, then it fails, and I can recycle the material into something else, maybe a twisted-core migration-era (i.e. viking) sword. We'll burn that bridge when we cross it, or something.

Does anyone have any questions about what I'm doing here? If so, please ask away.
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