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Doug Ayen

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engraving, finised sickle [Apr. 30th, 2003|06:41 pm]
Doug Ayen
Deicded I'd practiced engraving enough, and so dragged out the sickle blade & engraved it. I used three different homemade gravers, one round face, one square, one V-shaped. I think the round worked best, followed by the V, then the square. Overall, my lines are straight, if not entirely even, and the engraving looks like what she wanted. Win, I guess.

Having finished the engraving, I re-polished the area around the engravings to clean up that area, then trimmed the handle to final size, hollowed out the opening for the tang, cut a leather washer to give some contrast at the end of the handle, and glued the whole thing together with 2 part epoxy. Now to let it sit overnight, do a final cleanup and it's done. Only a couple of monts behind schedule, too! (Ok, I've been doing other things as well.)